Advanced Technology

Puzio Eye Care Associates was the first optometry practice on Cape Cod to introduce most of the technology you will experience in our practice. Utilization of appropriate technology provides optimum medical assessment confidence and the most precise subjective and objective visual data collection possible. The most common statement we hear from our patients is, “Wow, I never had an examination like this before!

Digital Retinal Imaging (Optomap)

optomap-224x300Captures a 180-degree digital image of the retina, in most cases, avoiding the inconvenience and light sensitivity of pupil dilating eye drops. This revolutionary technology allows the doctor and the patient to review the images and the comparison of past images chair-side. This ¼ of a million dollar technology has become one of the most important screening tests in eye care.

Electronic Medical Records

Our offices document all aspects of the examination with a computer, rather than by the historic inconsistencies of the pen and paper. In addition, all of the computerized instruments we utilize are tied electronically to the patient’s medical chart.

Computerized Objective Refraction

i_Profiler-150x139First developed by NASA, this instrument calculates the eyeglass prescription of the eye in less than one second. It is used as an accurate reference in the determination of the final prescription and very helpful in the examination of children and older adults.

Computerized Subjective Refraction

Marco-RT-5100This new instrument avoids the historic difficult decisions when patients were asked, “which lens is better, # one or # two.” This computerized exam splits the screen presenting the two choices side-by-side for easy and confident comparison attaining precise prescriptions.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

oct-cirrus-297x300Obtains a 3-D cross-section of the retina allowing us to better understand disease progression of the macula and optic nerve long before actual vision loss. Images are analyzed immediately and compared to a normal outcomes database. This technology has become the standard of care for patients with documented cautions, strong family histories, or simply to monitor the effectiveness or timing of treatment.

Computerized Glaucoma Testing

tonopen-150x118Rather than using a glaucoma test that blasts air into the eye to determine eye pressure we use a computerized pen-type instrument that gently, and without feeling, touches the tear layer to determine accurate eye pressure.


i_Profiler-150x139Maps the topography of the entire front surface of the eye, whereby, older techniques simply measure the center. Topography is useful in the precise fitting of contact lenses, estimating outcomes for refractive surgery and the progression of certain eye diseases.

Optikam Pad

One of the biggest challenges with getting a new pair of glasses is picking out the perfect frame. The Optikam Pad’s frame selection module allows you to compare up to four frames of your choosing to determine which one is truly the best fit for you. You can even email a photo to a friend for a second opinion!

Optikam’s patented measurement system is at the forefront of industry technology. In addition to providing extremely precise measurements, Optikam walks you through demonstrations of lenses options, including real world virtual experiences, enabling us to truly cater lenses especially for you.