Superior Optical Selection

iStock_000008930798MediumPrescription Eye Wear

Puzio Eye Care carries a wide selection of high-fashion and designer eye wear to fit every budget and personality. If you are looking for that special frame that really typifies who you are we have it.  We have high index lens to reduce lens thickness for people with higher prescriptions. We also carry the newest in shatterproof lenses for kids and active adults.

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iStock_000000955582MediumContact Lens

Puzio Eye Care Associates carries a wide variety of contact lenses. Most of our contacts come in one of three wearing styles: extended wear for those who want to sleep in their lenses, daily wear lenses for those who feel more comfortable taking them out at night, and daily disposables for the best comfort and convenience.

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Happy Attractive Woman and Man Couple In Sunglasses At BeachSun Wear 

Puzio Eye Care carries an unparalleled selection of specialty and designer sunwear ideal for our Cape Cod lifestyle. Our sunglasses provide the best in eye protection while allowing you to express your personal style. Our sunwear selections feature the best in UV protection and polarization.

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