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Dry Eye Syndrome

Cold air is dry air

April 18, 2017: It’s a cold day, and even indoors, your eyes feel gritty, watery, and sensitive to the light. Reading gives you eye strain and your eyes are burning and itching. Sound familiar? You may be suffering from dry eyes.

According to a survey by Allergan, up to 48% of Americans, age 18 or older, experience dry eye symptoms. This number is expected to rise over the coming decades with the increased use of digital devices.

Several other factors can contribute to your dry eyes including air conditions, medications, aging, and contact lenses. 

Our top four treatments to cure Dry Eye:

1. Lubricating drops

We highly recommend lubricating drops that work to preserve your tear layer and keep your eyes hydrated, decreasing symptoms of dry eyes.

2. Lid cleaner

Lid cleaner works to kill the bacteria that cause inflammation of your eyelids (better known as blepharitis), which is the leading cause of dry eye. Once the bacteria are eliminated, your eyes can resume their natural levels of tear production, ultimately alleviating dry eye.

For more severe cases of blepharitis, we also offer a new procedure called BlephEx.  BlephEx is a new in-office procedure that removes excess bacteria and biofilm, the main causes of inflammatory dry eye and lid disease.  To learn more about this procedure you can go to:

3. Xiidra 

Xiidra is a revolutionary medication that helps reduce the inflammation associated with Dry Eye Syndrome. This prescription drop was formulated for treating  symptoms and signs of dry eye disease.  Xiidra is also the first medication approved by the FDA for dry eye syndrome in over ten years.

4 Omega-3 Vitamins

These dry eye supplements provide patients with nutrients that many Americans lack in their everyday diets. These nutrients promote tear production and promote healthy immune and brain function.

At Puzio Eyecare Associates, our doctors are focused on resolving your dry eye issues.  Contact our offices today at (508) 394-2211 (South Dennis) or (508) 432-3444 (East Harwich) to schedule an appointment and make dry eye a thing of your past. At your appointment we can review in depth the best type of dry relief for you.

For the latest Dry Eye treatment options that we offer, check out our Dry Eye Center.