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Pediatric Eye Care Services

Good vision doesn’t just happen. A child’s brain learns how to use eyes to see, just like it learns how to use legs to walk or a mouth to form words. The longer a vision problem goes undiagnosed and untreated, the more a child’s brain learns to accomodate the vision problem. 

Children with uncorrected vision conditions or eye health problems face many barriers in life – academic, social, and athletic. That is why a comprehensive eye examination is so important for children. Early detection and treatment provide the very best opportunity to correct vision problems so your child can learn to see clearly.

Pediatric Eye Exam

Your child’s vision changes frequently during the growth and learning years. He or she may not realize a problem exists, because a child assumes everyone can see the way he or she does. Vision problems can affect your child’s ability to learn, since 80% of what children learn comes directly through vision. Problems may range from seeing only a blurred image of a chalkboard to experiencing reading difficulties and poor concentration stemming from poor eye movement, focus, and coordination. Many of these problems may not be obvious but can be easily treated and fixed once discovered during our comprehensive examination.

InfantSEE Exams

Puzio Eyecare Associates provides infant eye and vision health examinations at no cost through the InfantSEE program. Eye and vision care is an integral part of infant well-baby checkups. Vision development and eye health problems are easier to correct if treatment begins early. 

Even if no eye or vision problems are apparent, when your baby is about 6 months old, you should take him or her to your doctor of optometry for a thorough eye examination.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program to improve or eliminate conditions such as cross-eye, lazy eye, focusing problems, and eye coordination and visual perception anomalies. The goal of vision therapy is to help develop or reinforce specific vision skills needed for efficient and comfortable vision. At Puzio Eye Care, our doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders that interfere with reading, learning, sports performance and other activities.

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