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Premium Quality Eyeglass Frames

May 24, 2017:

At Puzio Eyecare Associates we carry a large assortment of eye glasses that range in style and cost so there is something to fit the needs of all our patients.  Frames vary in grade based on many factors and those factors determine the price point.  In this post you will learn more about what makes one frame higher quality than another and what it means to the wearer.

Most people can tell the difference between a Mercedes Benz automobile and a lower priced model. But can they spot premium quality eyeglass frames and do they know how they differ from mass produced, poor quality frames?

What to look for in a frame:


Mass produced frames are made of injection molded plastic and have a tendency to be rigid and difficult to fit. They will lose their shape quickly and require frequent adjustments.  Handmade plastic frames are carved from solid acetate, instead of being injection molded, meaning they respond much better to adjustment. This type of plastic will give you a more precise fit to your unique shape, last you longer and will feel much more comfortable on.   

Look closely at metal frames; If the material beneath that shine is pot metal, it will be heavy and will corrode and break easily. Titanium frames are lighter, fit better and will last far longer. Hinges should be stainless steel, not pot metal. 

Fit and Finish

A good quality frame feels balanced and comfortable in the hand. The hinges operate seamlessly with very little friction. The joints when closed are uniform and close. When the frames are on your face, less is more. You should almost not know that they are there.

What’s in a name?

Name brand eyewear does not necessarily assure the highest quality of eye glasses for the buyer. Savvy customers know that just because a company spends millions of dollars promoting their eyewear that’s no guarantee that those glasses are made well or will last. In fact, some brands that are household names, are among the most poorly designed and constructed!

Handmade Independent lines

We sell a lot of handmade frames at Puzio Eyecare Associates because their quality and longevity make them a better value than mass produced frames. We want our customers to have the best products available. Let us show you the difference.