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During a comprehensive vision and eye health evaluation at Puzio Eyecare Associates, you will find our care not only personal, but technologically driven and state-of the art.

Adult Eye Care

Eye exams are very important…not only to determine the status of sight and to maximize vision function and comfort, but to also ensure and maintain optimum eye health. For adults, we recommend an annual eye health and vision examination. This typically takes 30 minutes and is crucial to protecting and preserving your precious vision for a lifetime.

While some eye diseases let you know something is wrong, with symptoms such as red eyes, light sensitivity, observations of floaters or flashing lights, other possibly serious problems have no warning signs. For example, much like high blood pressure, most forms of glaucoma and early-stage macular degeneration produce no symptoms whatsoever until some vision has been permanently lost.

Today’s sophisticated medical equipment, in the hands of our doctors, can detect the earliest signs of a problem. A complete eye exam involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases.

Pediatric Eye Care

Frequent changes in your child’s vision generally occur during the growth and learning years. He or she may not realize a problem exists because a child assumes everyone can see the way he or she does. Vision problems can affect your child’s ability to learn since 80% of what children learn comes directly through vision.

Problems may range from seeing a blurred chalkboard to reading difficulties and poor concentration stemming from poor eye movement, focusing and coordination. Many of these problems are not always obvious, but can easily treated and fixed through our comprehensive examination.

See why families on Cape Cod choose Puzio Eyecare Associates for pediatric eye care here:

Emergency Care & Medical Services

All our doctors at Puzio Eyecare Associates are board certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease, and we pride ourselves in our ability to comprehensively care for our patients. We are extensively trained in medical eye care services, which include red eye treatments, foreign body removal, inflammatory eye disease diagnosis and treatment, chronic dry eye disease management, treatment  and management of all ocular surgery with the appropriate specialist colleagues, ocular trauma evaluation and treatment, and more.

Eye injuries or eye infections can occur at any time. Call us immediately if you experience any troublesome symptom including an eye infection, an eye injury, eye pain, sudden changes in vision, new visual floaters or flashes of light. 

Refer to the Contact Us section on our website for Puzio Eyecare Associates emergency contact information. 

Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is a significant condition that affects millions of people around the world.  There are many symptoms of dry eye disease that range from burning, redness and itching to fluctuating blurred vision.  An eye exam is the first step in a dry eye diagnosis.

The causes of Dry Eye are vast. They include computer use, certain medications, hormonal changes, contact lens and age. Although there are dozens of “causes” leading to dryness, most fall into one of these two categories – decreased tear production and increased tear evaporation.

It has been determined that 75 percent of all dry eye patients have the evaporative form.  Our tears evaporate quicker than normal when we don’t produce enough oil from the glands along our lids called the meibomian glands.  

There are many therapies available to treat dry eye, either by increasing the quantity or quality of your natural tears, or by providing lubrication via artificial tears. The therapy that is right for you is dependent on the cause of your dry eye condition.

Determining the root or trigger for dry eye disease is the key to what treatment options will work best for you.  At Puzio Eyecare Associates, we have the latest technology to not only determine the cause, but treat your dry eyes so your eyes feel and look good.

View this video to learn more about our treatment options: 

Optical Services

We believe in providing value through expert personalized service that offers our patients the latest in frame and lens technology from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our eyewear consultants and opticians are trained to select frames and lenses that fit each patient’s individual needs.

We have one of the largest selections of designer eyewear, sunglasses, sun clips, sports eyewear and safety eyewear on Cape Cod including exclusive lines and up-to-date styles for all age groups.  In addition, we recommend the latest advancements in anti-reflective lenses for maximum visual performance, anti-scratch durability and anti-static benefits. We always offer the thinnest, lightest and the safest lens products available in the industry.

Optical prescriptions from outside of our clinics are always welcome and we provide spectacle adjustments and repairs for anyone and generally at no charge. Please stop in to try on frames and learn about the latest optical products.

Find out more about our optical offerings here:

Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are safe and affordable when they are fit properly, worn properly, and cared for properly. Seeing well, seeing functionally and looking good; few things are more precious.

Many of our contact lens patients have been told by other providers they can’t successfully wear contacts because of their vision prescription. They are relieved to find we have the specialized testing and expertise to fit even the most complex vision problems.

We look forward to working with you to meet your goals and make your experience a positive one.

Sports Vision

Nearly 90 million Americans are active athletes. They train with coaches to ensure they’re able to perform at the top of their game. That’s why sports vision care should be part of the training plan. Sports vision is the science of helping athletes reach peak performance levels by enhancing visual skills. Our doctors, along with state-of-the-art equipment, are dedicated to helping athletes improve abilities such as reaction time, eye-hand coordination, mental focus, and sharpness throughout the season. Learn more here:

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment program to improve or eliminate conditions such as cross eye, lazy eye, focusing problems, eye coordination anomalies, and visual perceptual anomalies. The goal of visual therapy is to help develop, or reinforce specific vision skills needed for efficient and comfortable vision.

You will be pleased to know that our office specializes in a computer-based vision therapy program that allows patients to conveniently utilize the treatment and training at home. For more information on binocular vision disorders and vision therapy remedies, please contact our office.

Learn more about our vision therapy procedures here:

Concussion Management

Concussions are a result of a brain injury due to a blow to the head. This is prevalent in contact sports such as football, ice hockey, soccer and lacrosse, making these athletes at higher risk.

Many of the visual conditions that result from a concussion can be successfully managed by doctors who have knowledge and experience in vision therapy. Our experienced doctors can help with concussions by applying our state-of-the-art concussion management therapies and treatments.

Refractive Surgery

At Puzio Eyecare Associates we perform the initial screening to determine if you meet the requirements for proceeding with refractive surgery.  This is also your opportunity to ask any questions which will help you decide whether or not to schedule a surgical consultation.

If a decision is made to proceed we will make all arrangements, provide the surgeon with our examination data, and when surgery is completed, participate in your post-operative care. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns.


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Myopia Control

Myopia (nearsightedness) is the inability to see objects clearly at a distance. In the early 1970s, only 25% of Americans were nearsighted. Today, more than 40% of Americans are nearsighted, and that number is increasing at an alarming rate, especially among school-age children. Myopia can progress over time and potentially lead to more severe sight conditions later in life 

Dr. Liz specializes in myopia management using MiSight® 1 day contact lenses, the first and only contact lens FDA approved to slow the progression of myopia in children aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment. This program goes beyond vision correction with a comprehensive approach to myopia management, designed to fit busy lifestyles and offer you and your child the support you need to succeed. 


MiSight® 1 day contact lenses:  

• Correct distance vision immediately 

• Can slow myopia progression during the growing years 

 • Provide a comfortable experience 

• Accommodate a more active lifestyle  



More About Myopia

MiSight 1 Day Application

MiSight 1 Day Removal


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