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Vision Therapy

Think of vision therapy as physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It’s a highly effective, nonsurgical treatment for many common visual problems such as lazy eye, cross eye, and visual perception anomalies. It is designed to resolve vision problems that can contribute to learning disabilities and is dedicated to improving and enhancing people’s visual performance.

Vision Problems

All of these visual problems can interfere with:

  • Eye-teaming skills: the ability to coordinate two eyes at the same time.
  • Learning and the ability to pay attention.
  • Eye-focusing skills: the ability to focus eyes for a sustained amount of time (e.g., reading).
  • Eye-tracking skills: the ability to point eyes on printed material or to move eyes from word to word and through rows of sentences.

Both children and adults who complain of symptoms such as blurred vision, lack of mental focus, or double vision may be suffering from one or more of these problems. With vision therapy, the necessary eye coordination and other essential visual skills can be acquired for better performance in the classroom or at work.

Vision Therapies and Treatments

The goal is to help develop or reinforce specific vision skills needed for efficient and comfortable vision through a combination of treatments that may include glasses and our state-of-the-art vision therapies and treatments, including:


A comprehensive software-based solution, this vision therapy tool helps clients get measureable results in less time with greater accuracy.


This advanced eye-tracking technology uncovers issues that a traditional eye exam cannot. It pinpoints vision and brain health issues, identifies the root cause of reading problems, and improves athletic performance – all from a five-minute test.

Even if vision is 20/20, there are certain visual skills that may be lacking. Vision therapy can help. Our experienced doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders that interfere with reading, learning, sports performance, and other activities.

Learn more about how vision therapy can help you. Contact us for an assessment today.